Classes, Retreats and One on One Coaching

Fostering resiliency, calm and clarity to navigate life's stressors

MBSP Mindfulness Based Strength Practice-8 Week Course

MBSP brings together the latest science of mindfulness and character strengths into a practical program to help people flourish. This evidence based program now being taught at Yale University, is grounded in a blending of experiential exercises, mindful living meditations, and dyad/group discussions.

8 weeks, 8 one hour and 15 minute sessions. 

Winter class schedule coming soon

"This class is incredible.  Literally a turning point in my life."  

"This class was super impactful!!! Karen and Sally guided me way beyond my practice and personal development."

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Koru Mindfulness-4 Week Course

Koru Mindfulness is the only evidence-based mindfulness curriculum taught in University's across the country.  Koru’s randomized, controlled trial shows results:

> Participants reported feeling more calm, improved their mindfulness, felt more rested and had greater self-compassion.

4 weeks, 4, 75 minute classes. 

Winter class schedule coming soon.

Small group learning environment. Course companion app for support.  

"This works and it has helped me gain perspective and focus over the past 4 weeks”.

"Well worth the short amount of time to learn and practice. it works! The mind and body are fascinating. the more we know the more we can work with ourselves. Wonderful"

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One on One Mentoring

One-on-One Mentoring is an offering for clients with demanding schedules who need flexibility and a more personalized process.  We believe in generosity of heart practice. Pay what you are able.  For those not familiar with genorisity of heart practice we offer a suggested fee range of $50-$150.  You can book time in increments of 30 or 60 minutes. Whether you are a beginner to practice or a long time meditator or simply needing extra support due to a difficult situation, one on one mentoring can give you the boost of calm and vitality you need.  

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Bellport Inn Women’s Retreat 2023 Schedule Coming Soon

This retreat is open to women who have a longing to take time to practice self care and bare witness to the potential for how a common experience, in the container of meditation can nurture our spirits and develop a way we walk through the world that is more present, nurturing and ultimately beneficial for all. We will be gathering in the beautiful quaint Village of Bellport, Long Island. The setting offers short walks to the Great South Bay where magnificent sunrises and sunsets can be witnessed. The weekend will be filled with time for silence, personal journaling, wisdom talks, group meditations and discussions, yoga and delicious plant forward meals by Chef Jen Gorman of Rogue Kitchen. Special time will be set aside on Saturday for a Dream Big, Live Big guided meditation followed by a mastery wheel and vision board development session to help you manifest your dreams all with a small group of seekers who are on this path together.

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